Land Walks Land Talks Land Marks is an exhibition, a collaborative project by artist William Bock which explores how the natural environment might become a space to unearth stories about identity, belonging and migration. It is formed of three parts;

Land Walks is a collaborative sound project that maps experiences of belonging and uprooting in the West Cork landscape. Over six months, William Bock walked with individuals seeking asylum in Ireland and local residents, recording their conversations as they walked. Together with the artist, composer Justin Grounds and artist Michael Holly, the group edited the recordings and created a soundscore for others to listen to while walking in the same locations.

Land Talks is a month-long series of events- discussions, workshops and film screenings curated by William Bock that brings together artists and local communities to think creatively around the themes of the exhibition. It is a space to assemble, to listen to old stories and envision new ones. As anthropologist and writer Donna Haraway urges, we need to radically ‘change the story’ of our relationship to nature and to each other in this time of rapid social and ecological flux.

Land Marks is an audio-visual installation at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre, informed by two years of research walking around West Cork. It includes field recordings, conversations and materials sourced during the walks. It creates a space for conversations and reflection, for discourse and contemplation. Through this assembly of field recordings, photography, painting, foraged plants and pigments, William Bock seeks to open a conversation about our complex, interconnected and troubled relationship with the natural environment, and speaks of the entangled stories of migrations and ecologies across the world.

Land Walks Land Talks Land Marks is funded by The Arts Council, through the Artist in the Community Scheme managed by Create and supported by Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, West Cork Development Partnership and Cork County Council.